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Royalty Rules Subscription from Created To Educate

Royalty Rules Subscription
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Overview: Very popular choice for both Boys and Girls! Royalty Rules is based on The Proverbs, an Old Testament book written by King Solomon. These 30 rules for royal behavior will affect the entire life of a youth, if this guidance is taken to heart. Solomon was the son of the greatest king ever, king David. When king David was close to dying, he asked his son, Solomon, to keep all of God's laws. He reminded Solomon that those who walked in God's ways would prosper. Solomon loved the LORD God and did his best to follow God's rules.

Any youth, who and adopts these rules will be blessed by God. It is wise to give youth this opportunity to succeed in God's will. Clear information is often all that they need. This is a great gift for a child that does not attend church. A child in your family, among your friends or work associates will love you for blessing their life in this way. The mailing contains the infallible Word of God from the Old Testament with Wisdom building Scripture references from the New Testament. The highlights are bulleted points on how to establish the topic discussed.

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Description: 30 mailings, 3 per month, 10 months
Design Features: Beautiful Iridescent Paper (eye-catching and brilliant), Highlighted Scripture from Proverbs, 1 Modern Piece of Advice, 1 Old Testament Story, Bulleted Highlights and 1 New Testament Reference to Christ, Selection of Colorful Images

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